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We have revised the attendance and punctuality policy and this has been adopted through our Governors and  is on the website for parents to view. In the policy it divides attendance into a range of categories. There is a direct link between attendance and how well a pupil does in school.  We want all our students to aim for 100% attendance and achieve at least 96.5%. We want to celebrate attendance and you will have seen in the rewards table the class attendance award, a trophy, and pupil attendance awards.

Every double term you will receive information about the stage your child is at.  Holidays are not permitted in term time.Parents are requested not to book holidays during term time. You should only request time off  in term time when there are extremely exceptional circumstances. We expect parents to take holidays during normal school holidays.

You need to collect a Holiday Request Form from the school office, this needs to be returned for the attention of the Head teacher. Requests for absence for holidays during term time will only be considered if there are exceptional circumstances. Parents will be expected to explain these circumstances on the absence request form and support any application with documentation such as letters from employers or doctors notes. Issues such as parents’ employment conditions related to non-negotiable holiday dates, the time of year and level of previous attendance may be taken into consideration.

If the school refuses a request, but the child is still taken on holiday, the absence will be recorded as unauthorized and parents will receive a letter confirming this and warning that the parents may be liable for a Penalty Notice.  If a second unauthorized absence is taken within 12 months, the matter can be referred to the Attendance and Engagement Service and may result in a Penalty Notice being issued without further warning.