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How will I know if the school is closed in severe weather?

We ALWAYS notify Radio Oxford on VHF/FM 95.2 and Heart FM on 102.6/97.4 

If the school needs to close they will announce this on their radio shows and publish a list of all school closures on their website. 

Furthermore, closures will be announced on this website and we endeavour to send all parents a text message so please make sure you have supplied the school with an up-to-date contact number.

 Please DO NOT ring the school to check openings and closures.

Health and Safety in snowy/icy conditions

The school pathways are gritted when these conditions occur, as is the Foundation Stage play area and the small play area outside the hall and cloakrooms. However, the large playground is not gritted. Please ensure when you walk around the school you stick to the gritted areas as these are less likely to be slippy.