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Parent Council

 Parent Council members:

At Hanwell we recognise the benefits when we involve our parents in their children’s learning on many different levels. Not only do we encourage the celebration of learning through open door events but respect the benefits that partnerships with a parent council bring to our school improvement.

 The benefits we recognise for our school are:

• Our Parents bring in skills which complement teachers’ skills and expertise

• Our Parents contribute their time, so together parents and teachers are able to do more activities with pupils than teachers can do on their own

• Our Pupils' attainment and behaviour improve

• Our Parents have ideas about how the school can best support the children

• The Senior Team have people with whom they can talk over ideas to contribute to the development plans for the school

• Parents can give advice and help around reaching other parents.


In 2014, the parent council’s main objectives were:

a)      To support the school with developing effective and efficient methods of communicating with parents. 

b)      To help build on the schools role within the community, working closely with the aspirations lead.

The outcome of their work can be reflected in the parent view feedback in July 2014. 

For the academic Year 2014-5, the parent council will be supporting the school around learning at Hanwell. Parents will be linked to classes and will work closely with parents.