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Home Access Plus


Click here for Home Access Plus

What is Home Access Plus?

Home Access Plus is a secure website where you can access your H Drive from any computer that has internet access.

Why do I need it?

At the current moment, we have a lot of staff who save their work on a memory stick so that they can complete their work at home. This then leads to staff using their memory stick as their primary area for saving work. Often we have staff who have lost their memory stick or it has been damaged and the work that is on the memory stick is lost. Your H Drive is backed up nightly so that any loss or corruption of work can be restored.Also there are many other resources available like Purple Mash, 2 Simple, Free Flow, Bie cloud etc. You can also access the teachers drive and shared areas.A IT Helpdesk is also available within Home Access Plus to log any tickets for repairs or problems.

How do I access Home Access Plus?

You can access Home Access Plus by going to the school website and selecting Home Access Plus from the Staff Section of the website.

How do I use Home Access Plus?

When you are on the Home Access Plus webpage, you will be prompted to log in. This is the same username and password which you already use to login to the school computers 
Once you have logged in you will be greeted with the home screen.
From the Home Screen you then select My Files and click on Home Drive.
Once you are on your H Drive, you will see all your files. To work on a file from home, all you need to do is click on the file you want, click on the Download option and this will save a copy onto your computer to work on. When you are finished with the file, you will need to save it in a safe place on your computer and Upload the edited file.