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House Captains

Green Katie Jenkins
Kieran Rose 
Blue Flynn Paget-Wall Collins
Jessica Wyatt
Red Brooke Hayward
Jake Jarrett
Yellow Olivia Marshall
Ryan Warren

House System

At Hanwell Fields we know that team work and inclusivity is key to a child loving their educational journey. By using a house system, on arrival to the school, each child is instantly placed into a team full of eager and supportive learners. We have four houses, each represented by a colour; green, blue, red and yellow. Each house has two captains who are year 6 pupils that have been considered to show positive leadership and learning behaviours by the exiting year 6 pupils.

How does the system work?

  1. All pupils and their families are allocated to colour houses when they enter the school and they remain in these houses for the time that they attend HFCS. All staff are also allocated to colour houses.
  2. Children can earn house points in recognition of their positive behaviour or achievement within a lesson by moving up and past gold on the in class traffic light system
  3. All pupils work together to earn as many house points as they can
  4. Inter house competitions are also a way for pupils to earn additional house points e.g. during sports day
  5. Year 6 pupils are house captains e.g. a boy and a girl for each house. These pupils are nominated whilst they are in Year 5 by the exiting Year 6 pupils
  6. House points are counted by the house captains each week and the whole school are updated on the house point totals in the celebration assembly that takes place on a Friday morning
  7. The wining house have their colour ribbon displayed on the gold, house cup for that week in the main school corridor
  8. The allocation of house points allows senior leaders in school to track and monitor the pupil behaviours that are taking place within the classroom
  9. House point systems promote positive behaviour and encourage pupils to challenge and stretch themselves whilst they are at school. The system also supports team work and a healthy sense of competition.